Affiliate Marketing for Single Parents (And Why You Shouldn’t Do It)

I’ve watched a lot of digital/affiliate marketing videos lately and I am noticing a similarity between 90% of them. That similarity is that almost all say the same thing, give you a free training course, and then give you an upsell which (as they will tell you) is the only way to get the results they do. It isn’t just affiliate marketing in this case, but that’s the focus on this post.

I should explain why I am making this post. As a blogger it is possible to make money from affiliate links. But also as a single parent, we just need to make that cash, and if we can’t what then? I haven’t made a single penny with this blog or any other type of online selling. There are ways to get a small amount of money, surveys, apps, and watching videos. If we can’t figure out how to make affiliate marketing work then we have to keep a fairly job. We could say we would just take it, but it’s wrong. Especially with all the help available as I posted in Help For Single Dads (With Links).

I’m not saying it isn’t possible to be successful with affiliate marketing, or that you shouldn’t even try. Many have been successful online; Alex Becker, Mike Cheney, just to name a couple. What I am saying is don’t quit your job and jump right into trying it. I say that because 99% of us that do will fail for a while. That means no income until you get things figured out. Those that are successful online did one of three things: took a long time figuring it out, got help from someone who could really show them how (and I don’t mean the self-proclaimed gurus), or they got very lucky.

If you think about it, it should be easy. Find something to promote, make ads, and people will come and buy it. But that isn’t how it works. All my attempts have failed, but I am learning along the way. I can’t afford people like Alex Becker or I’m sure it would put everything together for me in my mind. If you can afford to, by all means check him out.

In closing, don’t quit your job to try it, not when you have kids to care for. And don’t just pay anyone to teach it you, there are many scams out there. It is possible to live that life of passive income, it will just take a while to learn how, and then make it work. I will mention a lot of websites say start a blog to make income, maybe that works, I don’t know. I just like writing these posts, didn’t think I would love doing it so much. But even if it is true, a blog takes work, it is in no way passive. If you do decide to start blog, make sure it is about something you love. Don’t write about things just to try and make money, because the blog will fail (not that mine is succeeding) but I am writing about what I love most, and that is being a parent.

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C-SPAN And Bullshit

So I was watching c-span and they were bitching about your childs data and how it could be used. I get it could be used negatively, but they were talking about amazon, YouTube, and the like

First point, my daughter watches YouTube kids all the time. No data is collected, I control every aspect of her tablet. The problem is they are just stirring up drama, for media effect. You wouldn’t think c-span would, but all I’ve seen lately, that’s all the channel is about.

As parents, if we get our children a digital product, we learn all about it. We keep out kids safe. As it is, by law, no one can collect our childs data unless we say it is okay. And if they do, lawsuit. I don’t believe companies like google, or YouTube would risk that. And if they do, we take it from them.

We are in control of our children’s devices, and anything we don’t agree too is against our rights. Remember that, if some company takes data you didn’t authorize. And if they do, make them pay for that violation. I sure will if I find out they have used my girls data other than I authorized.

Pay attention, be aware. We really never know what is going on with companies. Make sure it is what you agreed too, if it isn’t take it back…especially when it comes to your children!

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