Planning the weekend! That time is coming!

If you are like me, the you have every other weekend…and that day is coming. Now if that is the case, you are going to want to make the most of that time.

You aren’t going to want to just do your normal, daily routine..sometimes that does happen…but it isn’t the best use if that limited time. And that’s why we need a plan…

First as a parent, a single dad for sure, we want to use this time for some education. We need to teach them, something, anything, no matter how insignificant it seems. However; we don’t want to make all that time a learning expierience…we want to have some fun time added in too. But they do need to learn from you, because that’s your job…one of them.

For me this weekend, I plan to create a YouTube kids video with my daughter (she loves watching those) but also teach some stories I think she will enjoy. Now this planning does not involve sleeping, bathing, feeding…that stuff is normal and everyday…and if you aren’t doing that you suck…simply put.

No it involves the one to one connection between you and your child…and if you have more than one, you should be spending more time to connect one on one with all of them. Also you should have a way planned for you and all your children to connect at once. It adds to the family ideal, and teaches each child to love the other as they are.

I’ll list some things out in an e-book perhaps, that will make this much easier. But it is really simple, even though it sounds so complicated at first.

Thanks for reading,

That Day, When You Want To Quit

I have a list of posts for this blog,  already planned out. This one, is not one of them. I just happen to be reminded that some days we want to quit, to give up. We feel we already failed at every aspect of life, especially now. So why not right? It would be so easy to do,  make everything so easy…except it won’t.

Point is we can stop  we can quit. And that might just make it so easy for us, but it will only hurt our babies. So we can’t afford anything, so we go hungry,  so our bills get behind…so we struggle. It’s not easy, probably never will be. But we do have those days that make it all worthwhile, those days with our babies. We could give up, but then who answers that question when the babies say, “Where’s my daddy?” Or “Where did daddy go?”

Yea we can give up, but doing so is selfish, and serves nothing more than to hurt our babies. It’s not a choice I’ll ever agree with. We are adults, we can take the suffering, more so when it makes sure our little ones don’t have more suffering added to them. Not just my thoughts, but a fact. Don’t give up, be a daddy, forget your own crap…cause they need us more!

Thanks for reading,