More On Missing Those Babuus

Babuuus, yes…I call my babuus that. Next post was going to be about correcting those babuus and not feel guilty about it. But that’s not where I am at today. Today I am missing my babies a lot. And well it us my blog, so I am going to post what I feel at the moment. Anyone should. So let’s begin…

Today we are in that place, the place that hurts. Because today we are missing so much. We cannot control it, because we are us. We can only do so much, and that is what we do. We never will see there is another way, because this is how it has always been. It’s what we are used to, and it sucks.

Now if we do not open our eyes and hearts to another way, then I tell you, we lose. We cannot keep coping the same way, expecting anything to change. There is a way, even in these most desperate times, to deal with it. You will miss them every second they are gone, I do…even now.

I will write an e-book to cover this in great detail. But for now it is our way of thinking that we have to change. And we need to do it today, because it won’t change until we do. But we can do it,  because we have too. Keep a look out for the e-book, it might be awhile, but it will put everything I tried, what worked, what didn’t, into perspective. And it will probably help, especially if all of this is new to you. It is hard, but not impossible. Anyway hope to not let anyone down.

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