You didn’t fail yourself, you failed them!

Again not a planned post, but as it is, I share. If that’s not okay no one has to read it, but its a journey..possibly one others may be on.

So what do I mean by the headline of this post. Well yes it does mean we failed ourselves, but by doing so we failed the babies even more. And I may not want to admit (no one would want to) but I did fail them a few times lately.

Sometimes when we are supposed to have them we have messed up, and we yell, scream, bitch, or whatever. But we do realize, it was better for the babies at that time for us to not have them. And don’t say no, 99% of us have been there. And we should be thankful someone is there to keep the babies safe when we, as single dads, or even single moms, have just been dumb and can’t.

I know we want every second we can get, but if they may not be safe, we don’t deserve those seconds. It can be hard, but we have to do better for the babies. We have to be here for them, at any moment. If we cannot, we fail as parents, but more we fail the babies. So we have to find a way. It can be forgiven a few times because we are human, but how many times should it be forgiven? It varies, but all depends on the safety of the babuus. So there it is.

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