C-SPAN And Bullshit

So I was watching c-span and they were bitching about your childs data and how it could be used. I get it could be used negatively, but they were talking about amazon, YouTube, and the like

First point, my daughter watches YouTube kids all the time. No data is collected, I control every aspect of her tablet. The problem is they are just stirring up drama, for media effect. You wouldn’t think c-span would, but all I’ve seen lately, that’s all the channel is about.

As parents, if we get our children a digital product, we learn all about it. We keep out kids safe. As it is, by law, no one can collect our childs data unless we say it is okay. And if they do, lawsuit. I don’t believe companies like google, or YouTube would risk that. And if they do, we take it from them.

We are in control of our children’s devices, and anything we don’t agree too is against our rights. Remember that, if some company takes data you didn’t authorize. And if they do, make them pay for that violation. I sure will if I find out they have used my girls data other than I authorized.

Pay attention, be aware. We really never know what is going on with companies. Make sure it is what you agreed too, if it isn’t take it back…especially when it comes to your children!

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