Hi! My name is Joshua Burchfield and I started this blog for us single dads. It is going to have posts about my experiences and how to deal with certain situations. My way may not be the best way, but it has worked for me, and can work for you too. Now we are done with the purpose of the blog, so let’s get to some more information about myself, and my babies.

This goofy fella to the left well that is me. Again my name is Joshua Burchfield, thesingledad, 37 years old and love nothing more than my princesses. I do however have a certain affinity for cheesburgers…just saying.



This beautiful princess on the right is my Ellie. She will be 4 years old in February, and loves all things about princesses!





The gorgeous doll on the left here is Everly, and is also my princess. She will be 2 years old in June, and loves food and music; mostly at the same time.





That is my little family; my princesses are my life. They are smart, wonderful, and perfect. Just how they are.