Correction Without The Guilt

This one is tough. It’s tough because we have so much limited time with those babies,  but we still have to correct them, If we didn’t they could very well turn out to be unproductive members of society, or even in their own lives. However;  when we do have too (with this limited time) we feel guilty about it. And we feel that way because we want nothing more than for those babies to love the time with us… because it is limited.

Well I say no! Put that thought aside. Because even when it is limited time, you are still the parent, and it IS your job to make sure they learn and become a normal human being. I get it is hard, I’ve been through it. I don’t want to correct them, but we have too. It is for them, not us. We have to do that to lead them into productive lives. That’s our jobs as parents. So it sucks for us, but remember it is helping them long-term. They cannot live a fruitful life without proper direction. And we are here to give that. So you cannot feel guilty about it when you are putting them on a path for betterment.

I can see how, and know why you will.  I felt it too, but I had to let myself understand. Even with limited time it is up to us to make sure discipline is the same between both households.  It is in their best interest,  and really that’s all we need to consider in every situation. What benefits the babies now, benefits their future. So even when it is hard, do it. And don’t ever feel guilty at giving your kids a chance at life, because that’s really what this discipline is.

Thanks for reading,